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As of 2018, the world bank reports that Globally, women head only 20% of Companies.  Women outnumber men in universities, they account for 55% of undergraduate students. Women tend to have higher grades and drop out less frequently than men. Yet according to a study sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, only 26 women are in CEO roles at Fortune 500 companies.

Women are well educated, talented, and just as hardworking as their male counterparts. So, what is the problem? They do not face barriers to entering the workplace, but they do face multiple obstacles when it comes to advancement. It is for this reason that Nations of Women has developed this leadership development course for you to help you go up the ranks of leadership. Women lead organizations thrive!

Personal Development is a lifelong process, this is because nobody ever finishes learning and ultimately developing. It is very prudent that we expand our knowledge and improve our personal skills. Personal development is not far-fetched, it is included in our day-to-day activities. Nations of Women offers Personal Development training in areas like Emotional Intelligence, Confidence building, Goal Setting, Habits and Skills Building, Work-life balance, and many more.

Personal development can help you embrace your full potential and improve your quality of life. Your life’s biggest dreams and aspirations can come true when you have the needed skills to thrive in any scenario. What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago? The answer to this question is as a result of Personal Development.

Here you will find some of our finest breed of experts and experienced individuals, both men, and women, with a unified goal that’s genuine to support your growth in both life and business. Sign up for mentoring or become a mentor with Nations of Women

The world is beginning to recognize the benefits of Women in Leadership and is even committed to putting more women in positions of power. Nations of Women has known this truth and has been committed to putting women in positions of power.

Thus Nations of Women is proud to introduce to you NOW Chapter Leaders. Nations of Women Chapter Leaders will serve as leaders in their nations who will lead and guide other women in their communities.

By now I am sure you are wondering who a NOW Chapter Leader is,

A NOW Chapter Leader will be a positive beacon of hope for other women and girls.

A NOW Chapter Leader will lift and Lead others.

We believe it is time to bring more women under the NOW umbrella and rise up together with a strong front ready to take the world by STORM. Many more women are rising up to the leadership challenge, rise up as well. We are not leaving you behind.