About us

Our Corporate & Social Responsibility

At the core of what we do Is the passion to develop within our businesses a culture of care for our planet and compassion for its people bringing a fresh sense of teamwork, creativity and shared identity that leads to increased profit and the ability to share that prosperity.

One of our aims at Nations of Women is for our business to be profitable to the benefit of all our stakeholders. Then using our prosperity to engage with the plight of the world’s poor by investing in strategic projects that will empower, equip, and enable communities to prosper through a collaborative partnership with Business against Poverty. Through their engagement we use our financial resources, our expertise, energy, culture and the passion of our team to help make life changing difference through projects that we can identify with personally and which leverage our unique expertise and skills.

To find out more on how you too can use your business against poverty, visit their website here: https://businessagainstpoverty.com