Mrs Emra Smith

Mrs Emra Smith

Emra Smith is a facilitator of HOPE, who inspires and challenges you to thrive despite life’s challenges. Her life story, shaped her, compelled her, to a career of speaking and corporate training. As a life coach, her heart for understanding the challenges of women intensified and set her on a path to gather and share stories that teach and inspire. She loves to help women find purpose in the chaos of life, motivating and teaching them to stand tall in their identity and how to truly love others.

Emra is a Certified Coach through Coach Training Alliance. She has successfully completed Licensure and Specialty-Certification as a New Life Story® Wellness Coach. Her expertise in the psychology and neuroscience of coaching extends her considerable experience in Life Coaching.

Emra started speaking and teaching as a teenager in her church, and continued to speak throughout her Marketing and Sales career. She became a Corporate Trainer in the Hospitality Industry and further specialized in Diversity and Inclusion, and Effective Communication. This was birthed from her life story as an “outsider.” She was a white Afrikaans girl who grew up in an English community in South Africa. Her childhood was a time where there was no freedom of press, which kept apartheid invisible to her. As an adult, after moving from South Africa to the USA, she learned of the atrocities that had occurred in her country, and of those that continue to happen throughout the world. Her teaching and her passionate voice has now been published in her fifth book, Together we are Stronger.

Emra speaks to various organizations and churches and has won numerous awards and contests at Toastmasters. She has differentiated herself through her unique and powerful inspirational speaking which she pours into each topic and training.

She is the Founder and CEO of the International School of Story, a place and platform where women give and receive HOPE. She helps empower women to boldly step into their stories. She teaches skills to cope with stress, anxiety and depression, and to live victoriously despite life’s traumas.