International Women’s Leadership Summit

About the summit

There is a global crisis of leadership, we see the face of global leadership changing, and the time has come to accelerate women’s leadership for greater socioeconomic development of nations.

The dictionary defines accelerating as a process that requires an increase in speed or velocity. Accelerating requires a change in velocity.

Time, velocity, change, magnitude, expansion and direction are, therefore, all components of the essence in acceleration.

This gathering seeks to bring 70 global female leaders made up of matriarchs, generals, former female presidents, mayors, businesswomen leaders, economists, CEO’s and transformational iconic leaders from across many nations in celebration of who they are.

This is to model what transformational leadership looks like when women stand together in unity, strength, influence and power.

The summit is a proclamation to women and to you that it is time to take your seat at the table!