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Growth and Comfort never Co-exist

Apr 12, 2024By Tina Allton


Growth and Comfort never Co-exist

It is a rather rainy and thunderous day here. Again it is such an honour for me to come your way and think with you on this week's weekly wisdom as we focus on "Growth and the Comfort Zone".

​Growth and comfort never coexist. - Ginni Rometty

If everything is feeling comfortable, you probably need to sit down and do some goal setting. We each need to keep pushing ourselves every day to get better, to grow and to be challenged.

Practical Application :
​Do you remember when you realized you had stopped growing? Your height or your shoes size, was ging to be just that, no more growing tall, or changing shoe sizes? For me it was a trilling moment becuse alas! I could start a shoe and Jacket collection (Now you know my favourinte things haha)

But aside these physical changes of growth the real stuff happens on the inside when we begin to figure out who we are, its a process that never ends and most certailny a process that never happens in the comfort zone.

Can you imagine if a baby ever decides to stop learning to walk because they keep tumbling each time they tried? We would all be grown up but still crawling in nappies! What an awful sight that would be right?

Well, that is exactly what happens each time we choose to stay in our comfortable spot. Maybe you feel stuck in our everyay lives. A job that doesn't utilise our gifts, a relationship that is more take than give, a habit that is edging on addiction. Unlike the one who chooses to stay in the comfort zone, there is a direction to turn when circumstances have you feeling boxed in. Turn towards accountability!

​Question : Where are stuck right now? Professionally, personally, or perhaps in your business? Is there an area where you have simply stopped moving? We can help you move through mentoring!

Until next time, remember growth requires you to move well out of your comfort zone!

Share areas you feel mostly confident in your growth and the least! We are here to help.

Sending you my love and blessings for your week.

Dr Tina Allton & the NOW Team