Aimee Ashcraft

Aimee Ashcraft

Chief Financial Officer

Aimee has worked in business and non-profit for over 20 years. Her passion is people, and her message is “Hope”. She has a unique ability to help people discover, embrace, and manifest the wealth that lives within them. She recently resigned her position as Business Administrator/Human Resource Director for Community Transformation Church in Houston, Texas, and has started her own financial consulting business.

 Aimee is a dynamic, witty, and edgy communicator whose main message centers on the theme of identity – knowing who you are and what you’re designed and assigned to do. 

 With Aimee, what you see is what you get – on and off the stage. Her authenticity and vulnerability encourage others to live their lives in a similar fashion. Her presentations release people from the trap of comparison and enable them to connect in deep and meaningful relationships. Aimee’s communication style makes intangibles touchable. She makes vague concepts accessible for practical daily living. While her wit will disarm you, her concepts may disrupt you.

 She uses her voice both on and off the stage on behalf of those who need an advocate. Willing to step into any situation to defend what is right for those entrusted to her care she fights for justice no matter the cost.

 Aimee is a biological mom to 4 and a spiritual mother {mentor} to many. She is the source of life and inspiration for many who look to her for courage to conquer their fears and overcome the obstacles in their paths.