Nations of Women

Our DNA and Values

Because there is no culture that speaks against being kind to one another, it is our one common basic need as humanity.

How we do everything is equally just as important as the results we are making. Maintaining integrity at the core keeps the trust with our partners, stakeholders, members and all those who encounter us.

We move with the times, our women create meaningful solutions to some of the worlds biggest problems, we welcome uncommon ideas, and we always dare to chart those uncharted territories.

We really spell tribe as T=Trust, R=Respect, I= Inspire B= Butt, they kick your butt, E= Essential the tribe in NOW is essential to your wellbeing, your success and everything else in between.

We are bold, we have a winning mindset, we do not walk in fear, we are not afraid to take risks and we show up with an intent to WIN.

Because we give ourselves first the permission to be, and as we let our light shine, we automatically give others the permission to do the same.

Because you will leave fully inspired and ready to take action.

Because we must become the change we wish to see.

Because a mentor sows the seeds of who you can become long before you become who you are meant to be.

Because Love is not self-seeking, It is not jealous, It endures, and love never fails!

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