Nations of Women

How it all started...

Ever since age 9, I have been passionate about the idea that women could make a difference in any environment through leadership. It so happened when I was sent to boarding school, after many weeks of being bullied I decided to camp outside my housemistress’ home, seeing how she managed this difficult situation for me as a young girl left a huge impression on me in how women can make an impactful difference when they are in positions of leadership.

Who we are NOW:

At Nations of Women (NOW), we instill in women the unshakable belief that they CAN achieve anything they set their minds to. We offer a range of empowering resources, including:

Leadership School for Women: Our tailored leadership program equips women with the skills and mindset needed to excel in leadership roles across all sectors of society.

Business School for Women: Dive into our intensive 90-day business school designed to guide and support women in launching their own ventures with confidence and success.

Global Network: Join our dynamic network spanning 86 countries, connecting women from diverse backgrounds and experiences, fostering collaboration, mentorship, and opportunities for growth on a global scale.

Youth Empowerment - FearlesslyHER: Fearlessly Her is a subsidiary project under the Nations of Women umbrella that aims to promote the self confidence in young girls, strengthen their character, challenge girls to embrace their individual strength and above all provide a safe space where they can come and be all they are meant to be for greater impact.  

At Nations of Women, we're not just empowering women – we're empowering a movement. Join us and unleash your potential today!

Why do we do it?

At Nations of Women, we firmly believe in the transformative power of women at the heart of every community and in every nation.

Our passion lies in empowering women especially economic empowerment of women. By investing in the growth and empowerment of women within communities, we aim to cultivate environments founded on principles of kindness, integrity, love, and innovation – essential elements for nurturing resilient and flourishing societies.

Through our commitment to fostering women's empowerment, we envision a world where every woman is equipped with the tools and support needed to drive positive change within her community and contribute meaningfully to society's advancement.

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