Building Nations of women is a passion I have held probably since my childhood as l have always enjoyed bringing women together either for fun or for a worthy cause.

Since 2009, I have held a big passion to create something that would empower women but I got distracted along the way building other businesses and raising my family but it didn’t stop me from connecting with women everywhere I went.

All my life, it’s been spoken that I was just born to empower women. I remember my friend Stacey Campbell saying “Tina you are almost like an “emancipator of women”.

I had spent the best part of the last 3 years supporting a friend because I believed in her vision but after the experience of a very bitter betrayal and having to step  away from a situation that had the potential to cost me my integrity and reputation, I found myself feeling lost and not thinking I could even mention the words women’s empowerment.

Finally, in the middle of July 2019,  I remember waking up one morning with the words and letters NOW in my mind, it just kept coming to me and was very vivid. So I was just asking God what do you want me to do now? Not being sure why I had that word in my spirit, I just prayed over it and left it to God.

I had invited about 6 women to travel to Washington DC with me where I had organised a number of meetings for them. It was during the afternoon of our first day together that my friend Arleen Westerhof, the founder of Economic Summit and an incredible woman of God from the Netherlands came to meet with these ladies, as we headed onto our session God revealed to me what the letters NOW stood for.  I heard clearly “Nations of Women” , Tina I want you to build Nations of Women! 

As I began to find my confidence again, favour began to arise and help was on the way. Everything started to fall into place and Nations of Women was finally born in January of 2020, the year of perfect Vision.

I strongly believe that we have been called for such a time as this, I don’t know how you have ended up on our website today, but just as I have found my feet and myself again, so will you.

I want to encourage you to pause and reflect on these words, 

If not YOU then who? If not NOW then when?

What would it take for you to let your light shine today?

  Who is nations of women?

Nations of women (NOW) brings together women from all walks of life who may already be leaders in the community or have a passion and a desire to be seated at the table of decision making and a voice of leadership that brings change.


    Every time we meet 4 things happen:

    1. We impact women and girls in another part of the world 
    2. We have the ears of and a seat at the heart of governments and stakeholder decision making tables 
    3. We have fun and grow together,
    4. We share our big vision and pour resources into it



    We are dedicated to rebuilding the communities in which we all live in and address challenges that may incapacitate growth and development. You too can play a role by joining some of our programs and delegations or making a donation and this will make a difference and touch many lives. 

    There are so many issues in our communities and nations that we care about and would like to make a difference for the communities. Are you interested in learning more about what we do and get involved? We would love to hear from you. Together we can spearhead positive change.


      Spearheading systemic change across the nations.