Anabelle Wallnau

Annabelle is co founder of the Lance Learning Group and Media Director for the company’s global outreach. Abelle’ also runs her own media team for video production and advertising. She is a certified behavioral analysts and an Executive Coach to couples who work together in business and/or ministries. Annabelle is dedicated to establishing the “home advantage” in the Family Mountain and supports numerous couples in their 7m (seven mountain) work.

Annabelle latest Workshop is in increasing demand as people discover her work helping women push past their limitations and showing them how to connect with their heavenly identity and fully unleashed creative capacity. She is an expert at helping people get unstuck, using a unique “Book of Possibilities” to help each student or workshop participant to cast an extraordinary vision for the next chapter of their life.

Her husband Lance says: ” I’ve been in the personal development field for two decades, and I’ve never met a woman who is more powerful and penetrating at helping couples experience pain free transparency, healing and convergence in their relationship. She is simply more gifted in this area than anyone I know, including myself.” As a speaker, coach and creative media director, Annabelle loves helping her clients make
their life an epic production.

Laura Taranto

As a public health social worker, She is passionate about helping individuals and communities  reach their full potential through empowerment and health. After achieving her MSW/MPH and working as a research assistant, she reflected on advice from a wise professor and leader in the field who urged her to spend at least two years sitting in the dirt with the poor before attempting to make policies on their behalf.

For Laura, this turned into 8 years living and working in rural Mozambique. She learned so much there and her life was forever changed. A large part of her position involved traveling to visit bases globally and to share about their work, from boardrooms of leaders to rural villages eating cornmeal on grass mats, listening to petitions for church roofs and water wells. 

Laura thrives on working together to find solutions to complex challenges and on accomplishing goals with excellence. She looks forward to working in a completely new context and bringing her passion, experiences, and talents to the table.

Eunice Enugo

Pastor Eunice Enujuba is the founder and the Senior Pastor of Sureword Worldwide Outreach, a ministry that is committed to preaching the undiluted sure word of God. Pastor Eunice is blessed with a peculiar anointing that brings good tidings to the poor, healing to the broken hearted, liberty to the captive, opening of prison doors to those who are bound, liberating their spirit, soul and body to the end that they will find fulfillment in God, to the Glory of God.

She is the president of Laugh and Learn International Schools, a visionary woman. Her Christian affiliations are numerous having served in different capacities with other ministries such as Ministers Prayer Network (MPN) where she is the National Director of Protocol. Pastor Eunice is a trained Business Administrator from Boca Raton University, Miami USA. She now devotes her energies to full-time ministry, writing, preaching and teaching the word of God.

Pastor Eunice carries a unique gift of healing and God has used her in this capacity to bring healing to God’s people, set the captive free and bring deliverance to different homes, individuals and different communities, all to His glory. Pastor Eunice has traveled wide in the cause of her ministration and other invitations. She has traveled to Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Brazil, Israel, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, United Kingdom, Hungary, United States and many other countries the Lord has taken her to on various assignment.

Pastor Eunice has traveled extensively to almost all parts of Nigeria to minister the word of God. Her Radio program in the city of Abuja – Sureword Half Hour has been a blessing to many and making her a household name, all to the glory of God. Pastor Eunice is a wife to Elder Pauly Enujuba and a mother to their children.

Peter Allton

Peter has run a successful private podiatry business Circle Podiatry for over 20 years now having been practicing in the NHS for some 13 years previously. Peter has always pursued excellence to ensure that his patients receive the best of treatment outcomes and has led his team to win no fewer than 9 business awards since 2008 including the best business for Customer service in London at the FSB London awards 2017. He was awarded the College Of Podiatry’s Meritous award for services to the profession.

Peter’s primary passion is for helping people with diabetes and stems from 3 sources : more than 30 years experience as a Podiatrist dealing with the devastating effects of the disease on people’s feet : his personal battle with Type 2 diabetes and his experience with his daughter’s diagnosis with type 1. He and his wife Tina founded the multi award winning Not-For-Profit organisation Undefeeted whose mission is to help people with diabetes prevent foot complications and amputations by helping them live as safely as possible with their disease.

Peter is the author of Undefeeted by Diabetes. He walks his talk having successfully reversed his Type 2 diabetes and remains off all his meds 4 years on. He also presents 2 weekly radio shows on UK Health Radio – The Diabetes Show and The Foot Health Show and writes 2 regular columns for the Health Triangle Magazine – The Diabetes Sweet Spot and Foot Notes. He is also a Christian, a husband, Dad to 7 Kids and has one granddaughter . In all his spare time Peter loves running, gardening and modelling (steam trains not on the catwalk).

Bishop William & Mercy Wood

Bishop William Wood is the Founder and General Overseer of Wood World Missions and Power Centre Church. Apart from being a Bishop, he is also a Lawyer. Bishop. Dr. William Wood is an international conference speaker, a teacher and an author of several plays, poems, and books. He operates in the Apostolic, Prophetic, Teaching and Evangelistic anointing. He also has a Pastoral heart. He is the founder of a worldwide ministry called Wood World Missions and Power Centre Church. The main aim of the ministry among other things is to preach the undiluted Word of God, reach out to unsaved souls and help meet the needs of humanity worldwide.

He has ministered the Word of God and made an impact in the lives of many people in Greece, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, UK and other parts of the world. He is married to Apostle Dr. Mercy Wood, (Co-founder of Wood World Missions and Power Centre Church) and they have a son called Gabriel Wood. In September 2010, William and Mercy were consecrated as Bishops Bishop Dr Mercy Wood is the co-founder of the Wood World Missions & Power Centre Church.

Linda Wallace

Dr. Linda Wallace is a Global Solutionist, an Advocate for Women Rights, a revolutionary thinker and a social activist. Dr. Wallace’s lifework has consisted of empowering women from all walks of life to be successful in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Wallace’s core belief is that women are an integral part of every thriving society. In alignment with that belief, she has dedicated her life to mentoring, providing life coaching, empowerment and transition sessions, business and career planning modules, and forming alliances with other organizations whose vision is to empower women. Her mission, to help women transform into their complete, whole and unique selves so that they pursue their greatest hopes and aspirations, has taken Dr. Wallace to small kitchens and large conferences in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Dr. Wallace is the co-initiator of ‘The One Woman Movement’, a global organization of skillful women who together flow masterfully to empower and equip emerging generations of women to collaborate, execute and accomplish their life’s work in a more excellent way. Dr. Wallace is also the Founder and CEO of ‘A Company of Women’ (ACW), an international network of women with “Safe Places” where, free of judgment, women are nurtured, encouraged, mentored and cared for by other authentic, dynamic women who have overcome life’s challenges. ACW is also part of an alliance of female-led companies that collaborate for global reformation. 

In 2015, Dr. Linda Wallace was appointed an Ambassador at Large, representing Word of Life Ministries International, an NGO, in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of  the United Nations. Her commitment to helping others has earned her the title of ‘A Beacon of Hope to the Nations’. Dr. Wallace is the author of an Identity series, ’I Am a Daughter’, a compelling and powerful booklet which provides a blueprint for knowing one’s self. Currently, Dr. Wallace is the Empowerment Specialist Director for Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, an international women’s empowerment movement with chapters throughout the United States and Europe. Dr. Wallace is a graduate of the Wagner Leadership Institute, with a Doctorate of Practical Ministry, and a Doctorate of Theology from The Practical Christianity Institute of Evangelism. In addition, she is a Certified Life Coach with The One Woman Movement and Coach Academy International. Dr. Wallace and her husband, Greg, reside in Dallas, Texas. They have four children and six grandchildren.

Norris Kruger

Norris grew up in the small town of Marysville, Ohio then headed to Caltech to study physics but found a calling in social sciences. Ultimately, he got an honors degree at the Ohio State University and later one of the very first PhDs in entrepreneurship (with an investment banking job and an entrepreneurial venture in-between). From Columbus he headed west again to Montana for his first assistant professor job. He went from that to another startup and consulting (and writing several highly-cited articles) before returning to academe as Assistant Professor at Boise State University for seven years and founder/director of TEAMS, an entrepreneurship program that earned 6 national and 2 global best practice awards (including SBA and the Kauffman Foundation.) TEAMS blended project- based learning with community outreach with the motto “Students Are Our Secret Weapon!” He is active in both the entrepreneurial and economic development world and in academe.

Serving Entrepreneurs: Co-Organizer for the Idaho Startup Weekend, an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Allegiance Corporate Solutions, Regional Coordinator for Idaho in the Global Entrepreneurship Week, and currently Lead organizer for 1 Million Cups Boise, under the banner of Entrepreneurship Northwest (2006-present). Serving Academe: Director at Large for the International Council for Small Business (and member of ICSBs Online Learning Excellence) and twice and elected officer in the Academy of Management.

Norris chairs the Global Scholar Development Committee.Research Leadership: Formerly, External Fellow for the Max Planck Institute for Economics and now Senior Research Fellow for the School for Advanced Studies for University of Phoenix (since 2014). Norris is currently Senior Subject Matter Expect at OECD/EU HE Innovate and Entrepreneurship360 (since 2012).

Rachel Verheul

Rachel is a General Medical Practitioner.

Spearheading systemic change across the nations.