Global Community

Global Community(Membership): We have a global community that spans 1.7M digital reach. We have an active Facebook community of 800+ women where we engage on a daily on women empowerment, supporting and inspiring each other.

 We are dedicated to rebuilding the communities in which we all live in and address challenges that incapacitate growth and development. You too can play a role by joining our programs and delegations or making a donation and this will make a difference and touch many lives.

There are so many issues in our communities and nations that we care about and would like to make a difference in those communities. Challenges like, Gender based violence, Unequal access to education, Unequal access to employment opportunities, Reproductive Health Rights (unmet need for family planning services), Female Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage and Maternal Health(Pregnancy related health challenges). 

We need to start shifting social and economic norms. The social norms that affect the economic participation of women must be dealt with.

If you want to give yourself the opportunity to become all you are meant to be, then our community is just the right place for you. Within each of our communities you will find the right tools, resources and an army of women who are ready and willing to support you. Together we can spearhead positive change.